Convegno 1st Joint AgroSpace-MELiSSA Workshop - Current and future ways to Closed Life Support Systems

The 2016 edition of AgroSpace and MELiSSA Workshop demonstrated that common fundamentals are shared by the respective communities: air, water, waste recycling, food production and preparation, regenerative life support, closed loop systems,…
As a logical follow-up, organizers decided to team up to organize the

1st Joint AgroSpace-MELiSSA Workshop.

The Workshop will highlight the research and development activity performed in the various matters related to regenerative systems and foster the collaboration and matching between researchers, companies, public administrations and experts.


The Biotechnology laboratory will participate with the following talk:

Session 4: Edible biomass production

Effects of simulated space radiations on plant roots investigated by proteomic analysis Angiola Desiderio, ENEA

Session 10: Food quality, processing and human nutrition

Engineering Tornato as a "Space biofactory on demand" fortified in antioxidants content and endowed with free radical scavenging activity Silva Massa, ENEA

Poster session

HORTEXTREME - Protected HORTiculture in inflatable facilities, resistant to EXTREME conditions, for the production of high nutritional value plants: a  field experiment in the AMADEE-18 mission

Authors: Sara Piccirillo, Luca Nardi, Giulio Metelli, Giuseppe Corallo, Marco Potenza, Francesco Cavaliere, Gabriele Mascetti, Eugenio Benvenuto Italian Space Agency, ENEA, University of Milan

Sealed, sterile, fully computerized hydroponic greenhouse in a shelter

Authors: G. Pontetti e M. Lemme - G & A Engineering, E. Benvenuto e L. Nardi -ENEA